Art Enabled Life:
Creative Communities

If art can be seen as a way of enabling human connections...

...what can be discovered about resilience and flourishing when grade 7 & 8 students interview practicing artists with questions such as,

‘What do you do when someone puts you down?’

‘How do you come back from a big mistake?’

‘Have you ever lost track of time in your studio, and how did that make you feel?’

 ‘Have you ever convinced yourself that you are not good enough for what you do?’

Living a creative life brings with it perspectives and understandings of self in an active process of seeing, being, and doing, which in turn creates the capacity to develop emotional health and emotional well-being through. We call this art-enabled thinking. In the application of art-enabled thinking, a positive spiral strengthening the sense of self, connecting with others, and engaging with community is generated.

The student / artist interviews have been organised into themes which emerged organically through the interview process itself, and edited into eleven short films on topics such as ‘True to Self’, ‘Stress’, ‘Opposition’, ‘Setting Goals’, and ‘Problem Solving’.

The films are designed to work either standalone or with creative exercises to enable easy access to the concepts and issues covered and stimulate open discussion in classroom and workshop settings.